Natalie Green is a professional dancer, yoga and pilates teacher based in Brooklyn. Her teaching style is fluid and light-hearted with an emphasis on spinal health, proper anatomical alignment, efficiency of movement, core coordination, and mindful breath work. Natalie is a spirited mover and compassionate teacher who strives to empower individuals to live embodied and active lives according to their own goals and priorities. 


Green bodies are powerful, articulate and awake.


I was first introduced to yoga through a family friend at age 14 and immediately felt an affinity for the practice. As my professional dance career unfolded, yoga offered a respit of balance, strength and calm in my life. After graduating from The SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance in 2003, I became a yoga alliance registered teacher through Atmananda NYC. Interested in making yoga accessible to more bodies, I became a Lakshmi Voelker chair yoga instructor at The Kripalu Institute in 2014.


It is said that with injury comes opportunity. I came to Pilates because of a dance injury. Not only was I able to rehabilitate my hip, I found systematic relief throughout my body. Through pelvic stabilization, core strength and hip differentiation I was able to decompress my spine, create space in my joints, and repattern my movement. I am certified through Kinected/The Kane School and currently study under Lesley Powell.